Douangtavanh Kongphaly

Douangtavanh Kongphaly

Intro in less than 150 words

Hi there! 👋 I am pursuing my PGDipSci in Statistics at the University of Auckland. Recently, I worked for the World Health Organization Lao PDR as a COVID-19 vaccine data officer for the Vaccine-Preventable Diseases and Immunisation department. Apart from my full-time stuff, I am incredibly enthusiastic about technology. By nature, I love exploring, learning new stuff, and sharing it with others. 👉 You can find out what I've written so far by visiting this blog. Also, I've been interested in data and visualisation. Please check it out either on GitHub or Observable.

Here are some of my projects:

This dashboard was developed to monitor the progress of the Penta 3 vaccination in Lao PDR by province and district.

The dashboard was developed to support CONNECT project implementing COVID-19 vaccination in Xiengkhauang province before the national sports games. Overall, this dashboard was carefully designed to let the supervisor indicate the performance day by day.

The dashboard was initially built to show the progress of COVID-19 vaccination and is updated weekly. It was developed to support the CONNECT project staff and other stakeholders who can not directly access the data from DHIS2. The dashboard was initially designed to show only the 20 districts with low performance in vaccinations, but the session for viewing all districts was added apart from low-performance districts.

NASA's topographic data (SRTM) was used to create a 3D map with an aesthetic colour selection to highlight the terrain level. All the processes were done using QGIS and Blender, an open-source graphic software.

During the early stage of the COVID-19 outbreak in Lao PDR, the CCEH, under the MOH Facebook page, was one of the channels to report vaccination progress daily. However, there is a source storing this data for public usage. Thus, I manually collected the data from the CCEH FB page and created various graphs to track the vaccination.

Multidimensional poverty encompasses various deprivations experienced by the poor in their daily lives by capturing the non-monetary dimensions of well-being (consumption, education, and living standards) alongside the monetary measure.

Using the latest data of The Lao Expenditure and Consumption Survey (LECS6) and LECS 5 to show poverty differences by headcount on a map.

The visualisation shows the tracing of the first exposure to COVID-19 in Lao PDR, dated back to April 2020.

The NIPN dashboard is my first dashboard with interactive visualisations and was built for policymakers to track health indicators, especially nutrition indicators. The dashboard includes indicators from various sectors and sources related to nutrition, such as health, education, agriculture and surveys.

Using the Action on Google API to create a visual game master for the Avalong board game.